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  1. Flexibility – we adjust to your needs. Do you have a manufacturing problem? Do you need support in machining? Or maybe you have a vision but you don’t have the knowledge to make it real? Don’t hesitate to ask.
  2. Engagement and punctuality – when we do something we always do it at 100%. We understand that you have your own deadlines and that you cannot afford to let your counterparties down. We perfectly understand the peculiarities of automotive industry (and not only), that is why, we do know how important for maintenance are punctuality, efficiency and effectiveness. Do you have an important project?
  3. >Knowledge and Experience – should you have a really important project, would you rather hire a group of experts or give it to a random company? For more than 20 years we successfully fulfill orders from various clients. We work for small companies with standard needs, as well as for leading companies from Automotive industry i.e. Tenneco Automotive Polska, Boryszew – Maflow Polska, Saint Gobain Sekurit, Nexteer Automotive. Our clients are demanding and do not forgive any errors or lack of professionalism. When you consider that, and the fact that despite all those challenges we have been on the market for more than 20 years it has to count for something, doesn’t it? Think about it when you’ll be looking for your next business partner. Do you value knowledge and experience?
  4. Specialization – all our work experience concerns metal machining. Nowadays, specialization is the foundation of success. We focus on what we can do best, this enables us to constantly improve and strive for perfection for all our clients, current and future ones. Are you looking for a specialist?
  5. Efficiency – thanks to implementation of lean-manufacturing processes the costs of manufacturing is lower while maintaining the high quality of products. Is efficiency important to you?


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