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Problem: our company did not undertake contracts from clients who could not provide the technical specification of a project they wanted to implement.

Until 2012 the main problem of our company was the lack of our own design studio. Clients wanted us to implement projects without technical design or specification.

Many times they asked: “we have a part, we want another one exactly the same, but we don’t have any technical specs for it (…)“; we were also asked to manufacture a tool/instrument “for“ a given part. For example, from one of our clients we got a part of air conditioning system and a request: “manufacture for us a tool with which we will be able to bent a raw metal pipe to exactly the same shape(…)“.

A similar problem for us was a request for manufacturing an element of the machine which operates continuously, thus the element could not have been taken out of it so we could have used it to make a copy.

It became apparent to us that we need to create our own engineering workplace for our production. In three months we managed to open a fully operational design studio. We bought professional equipment, and thanks to cooperation with a company from Gliwice we managed to implement the Inventor program. Last but definitely not least “missing element” of our plan was to acquire a highly qualified, experienced, and self-motivated personnel to take over the design branch.

Thanks to our solid position on the tooling market and our design office support, we can fulfill any order.

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